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Glass Forming Lubricants

Renite’s oil and graphite lubricants mainly use the oil as a carrier for the graphite which remains after the oils vaporize and burn off, providing solid lubrication...Learn More

Metal Forging & Hot Forming Lubricants

Renite’s metal forming lubricants, typically spray-applied, deposit a solid lubricating film of graphite on hot die and tooling surfaces, allowing for smooth release and smooth metal movement during...Learn More

Lubricant Spray Equipment, Packaging & Videos

Renite provides our lubrication products in a variety of container types and sizes, including: Totes 55-Gallon drums 5-Gallon plastic pails...Learn More


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About Renite

Renite Company, located in Columbus, Ohio, has long specialized in high temperature industrial lubricants, such as mold-release and die-release agents, for the hot-forming glass and hot-working metal industries. These fields present a challenge to lubricants, as most oil-based lubricants will burn away and be ineffective in these very high temperature applications. Renite Company provides these lubricants, and service, to customers in these industries throughout the US and internationally.

Renite, long a leader in these lubrication areas, has included solid lubricants, such as graphite, to create solid lubricating films on the hot mold and die surfaces. In Renite lubricants, both water-based and oil-based, the liquid merely serves to act as a vehicle or carrier to help deposit the solid lubricants onto the hot surface.

With regard to the hot forming glass industry…Learn More About Renite