Glass Forming Lubricants

Glass Industry

Renite Lubricants for I.S. Machines & Pressware Operations.

Renite’s oil and graphite lubricants mainly use the oil as a carrier for the graphite which remains after the oils vaporize and burn off, providing solid lubrication

Renite Graphite and Oil Lubricants for Pressware / Tableware:

  • Renite H: Low Viscosity Oil with a Very Light Amount of Graphite
  • Renite #45-HT: Medium Viscosity Oil Renite H Variant with Extra Graphite for More Demanding Application, and Higher Temperature Performance

The above products typically are spray applied once every forming cycle

  • Renite Chek-No-Mor: Finish Mold Lubricant, Bottom Plates, and for Trouble-spots such as Shoulders, Seams, and Take-Out Tooling
  • Renite Mold Pastes: LMP & MPR: These Viscous Polymerized Oils Are Baked onto Hand-blown Glass Molds, Providing a Lubricating Surface

Renite Graphite and Oil Swabbing Lubricants for Containerware:

Swabbing lubricants are more viscous and are brushed onto mold surfaces.  These lubricants add graphite and other solid additives which form a thin solid lubricating film, which can provide lubrication for 30 to 60 minutes or more before requiring reapplication.

  • Renite F-72: General Purpose Blank Mold Lubricant for Glass Bottles and Containers
  • Renite F-95: Like F-72, but with Light Graphite for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Renite H-9: Ring lubricant for Glass Containerware
  • Renite Chek-No-Mor: Finish Mold Lubricant, Bottom Plates, and for Trouble-spots such as Shoulders, Seams, & Take-Out Tooling

Renite Shear Sprays: Provide cooling and lubrication to the shears which cut hot glass gobs as they leave the furnace.  These shear spray oils are sprayed onto shears.

  • Renite D-5-A Soluble Oil:  Graphite-free water-soluble, water-dilutable concentrate for shear lubrication may be diluted with hundreds of parts of water to one of oil.

Renite produces a variety of other lubricants to meet your specific needs, and  for specialty applications, including cullet-chute greases, graphite and wax sticks (such as for art glass), other graphite oils for pressware, Renite S-24 lehr mat coating, and earlier versions of a number of the above products which are still popular with some of our customers.  Please contact us for further information on these other products.