Lubricant Spray Equipment, Packaging & Videos

Spray Equipment

Renite manufactures a complete line of manual and automated spray equipment with which to apply lubricants.  Renite spray equipment finely sprays, or “atomizes” the lubricant by mixing the lubricant with air and create a fine spray of lubricant droplets.  This fine spray helps provide smooth, uniform, lubricating coatings of the molds, dies, and tooling.  This equipment includes:

  • Hand Spray Guns, fitted with atomizers with a wide range of option lengths
  • Atomizers, including the following models and options:
    1. Model G-20 Atomizer with either #1-0, #6-10, #6-20, or #6-30 type nozzles, or Model G-20 Atomizer with #1, #3, or #5 Fluid Tip and Air Cap
    2. Model GL Atomizer for a much finer and adjustable spray
    3. E Model Atomizer with even more widely adjustable spray patterns:
      1. with Straight Tip
      2. with Helical Tip
  • Renite Moto-Spray automatic spray units (Model 6A and 10AX):
    1. Renite Atomizers, from one to seven atomizers
    2. Stroke lengths of 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, or 54 inches.

 Model 6A Moto-Spray


Model 10AX Moto-Spray


Model G-20 Atomizers

For a wide spray

Model GL Atomizers

For a narrower spray

E Model Atomizer

For a very fine spray
E Model Atomizer

#6-10, #6-20, & #6-30 Nozzles

10", 20" and 30" Spray Patterns