Metal Forging & Hot Forming Lubricants

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Renite Hot Forming Lubricants for Metals

Renite Water and Graphite lubricants: Renite’s metal forming lubricants, typically spray-applied, deposit a solid lubricating film of graphite on hot die and tooling surfaces, allowing for smooth release and smooth metal movement during forming at high temperatures and pressures.

These lubricants:

  • Used for Lubrication of Warm and Hot Forging and Extrusion Application
  • Contain Water and Graphite
  • Supplied as a Concentrate for Dilution Prior to Use (2:1 to > 10:1)
  • Produce Very Little, if Any, Smoke, Fumes, or Flames
  • Graphite Remains after Water Vaporizes Providing Solid Lubrication

These products include Renite S-26, S-28, and S-45

  • Renite S-26:
    • Wide Functional Die Temperature Range:  300⁰ to 800⁰ F (150⁰ to 427⁰ C)
    • Works Well with a Wide Range of Metals Titanium, Copper, and Ferrous Alloys
  • Renite S-28: Lubricant for Forging and Extrusion of Aluminum
  • Renite S-45: High Graphite Content (Allows for Greater Dilutions than S-26)

Renite also produces a variety of other hot forming lubricants, similar to the above popular lubricants,  including:  S-26-X   (a variant for nickel alloys), S-28-A (a heavy-duty variant of S-28), S-29 (also for aluminum forming), and PG-13 and PG-14 (both containing phosphates for high temperature EP performance and lubrication).

Graphite-Free Lubricant

  • Renite D-5-A Soluble Oil:  Renite also provides D-5-A, a graphite-free water-soluble, water-dilutable concentrate for lubrication in cold forming metal applications such as: cutting, drilling, bending, stamping, and some cold forging.

Further information on Hot Forming Lubricants: Please contact us for the best lubricant for your specific needs.  Renite has a complete line of variants on the above products to meet your individual and specialty requirements.