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Renite Lubricant Cost Saving

Renite Lubricants are designed to be very cost competitive, while providing efficient, quality lubrication.  In the hot-forming glass and hot-working metals industries, including for mold- and die-release agents, many Renite lubricants provide a distinct cost advantage on a price per drum basis when compared to competitors.  Furthermore, many Renite lubricants, particularly in the hot-working metals industry, are designed to be diluted with several parts of tap water to one part of lubricant concentrate, and then are typically spray applied onto the dies or other working and forming tools.

These dilution ratios are usually best determined by starting somewhere close to the middle of the suggested range, and then using some trial and error,  or rather experimentation with the dilution ratio by the customer to determine the optimal dilution ratio for their application.  By doing so, the customer may run as economically as possible, while still maintaining proper lubrication and release from the dies.

Also, by using water-based products where-ever possible, the customer provides distinct health advantages to their employees.  Renite water-based products produce very little, if any, smoke.  Compared to oil-based products, these water-based, when used properly,  may carry very significant health and environmental advantages.

In the hot-forming glass industry, Renite swabbing lubricants are designed to be applied with a very light amount and a light touch.  Thus, cost-savings and efficiencies are best when minimal amounts are applied.